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Understanding the regulatory landscape for crypto-assets in Germany and the EU

Currently, you can read summaries and briefings about the new crypto asset market regulation (“MiCAR”) everywhere. Certainly MiCAR has the potential to give the EU crypto market a huge boost. From what we have seen so far, regulation for new business models, especially in the fintech market, is not as bad as everyone has assumed so far.

Renate Prinz puts the developments in FinExtra in perspective. Click here for the [...]

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FinTech Market: Regulation of crypto assets in Germany and the EU

In this webinar, Renate Prinz and Annabelle Rau provide an overview of the current regulatory land-scape for crypto assets and crypto service providers in Germany, also taking a look at the European level, where uniform legislation for the regulation of crypto-assets is coming soon. The following fur-ther topics will be covered:

  • Regulatory classification of crypto-assets in Germany.
  • Licensing requirements in connection with crypto-assets and crypto-services
  • Overview of the regulatory requirements for entities regulated in Germany
  • Draft European crypto regulation, in particular the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (“MiCAR”).
  • Passporting of licenses within the EU
  • [...]

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Article in Libra: EU creates uniform rules for dealing with crypto assets

In their latest article for “Libra – das Rechtsbriefing”, Renate Prinz and Annabelle Rau present the main contents of the new “Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation” (MiCAR), which the European Council, the EU Parliament and the EU Commission recently agreed on.

Click here to read the entire [...]

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